Joey Janela Shoots Back at Fans Angry He Got a TNT Title Shot

Joey Janela has a shot at TNT Darby Allin on next week’s Dynamite, and he took to social media to address critics of his getting a title shot. Janela is set to face Allin with the title on the line next week and apparently some fans didn’t think he deserved that shot.

Allin posted to Twitter to note that Allin was the person who wanted the match, writing in a trio of tweets:

“Why does Joey Janela get a TNT title shot, When’s the last time Joey got a win on tv” is the phrase of the of the last 2 days. It’s not like CODY did an open challenge series for the belt with RANDOM dudes Lmfaooooo…

DARBY wanted this match, and THE BAD BOY IS BACK! @aew

When other people do things it’s fine but when it involves Joey Janela it involves a lot of fans crying!

Probably because I look alot like you but the difference is I get to wrestle on tv, have a super hot Girlfriend , eat lobster when ever the fuck I want & don’t care!

I’m living your fantasy life while looking average and there’s nothing you can do about it! So cry!”

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