Jinder Mahal Says He’ll Be the Best Version Of Himself In His Return

Jinder Mahal makes his return to WWE television with the Superstar Spectacle tomorrow morning, and he discussed his return from injury and more in a new interview with Firstpost. You can check out some highlights below:

On his return to the ring: “Obviously it’s going to be the hashtag #ReturnOfTheMaharaja — I’m going to be coming back from injury, so looking to make an impact and establish myself again in the title scene. I’m still inspired, just like before, even more motivated than ever before. I want to have a long career in WWE and now that I’m realising that I’m getting a little bit older, I’m 34 years old, I just have to take care of myself a little bit more. So now I’m doing more yoga, more recovery stuff, just staying on top of the recovery aspect.”

On staying motivated through his recovery: “It was very tough… First time I’ve been injured, first time I’ve missed time away from WWE. So it was definitely hard at first. I went from being on the road, 200-plus days in a year performing every night to all of a sudden now I’m home, I’m just doing rehab every single day. But, I kind of challenged myself at rehab, every day I wanted to see the growth just like I challenged myself in WWE. Just like every match I wanted to get better, every day at rehab I wanted to get better and come back stronger. I was super motivated to come back. Obviously WWE is my passion, is my life, is all I ever wanted to do. Every athlete goes through this, they just kind of stay motivated and put the work in rehab, in training, and you can always come back stronger and better than before.”

On the Superstar Spectacle: “What makes this event special is that it is especially for India. Obviously it’s Republic Day, January 26. It’s going to air them at 8 pm local time. This event is going to be spectacular. There’s going to be Desi style, a little bit of desi flavour, Indian flavour. There’s going to be lights, camera, something that you would expect almost from Bollywood, all the colours, all the sights and sounds.”

On what to expect from him as he returns: “You’re going to see a new version — and I would say the best version of the Modern Day Maharaja.”

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