Jericho v Danielson + Pac v Orange Headline AEW's Canadian Invasion | AEW Road to Toronto, 10/11/22

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AEW Road to Toronto, 10/11/22

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49 thoughts on “Jericho v Danielson + Pac v Orange Headline AEW's Canadian Invasion | AEW Road to Toronto, 10/11/22

  1. Jericho is annoyingly disrespectful & the one that should be the one to retire…maybe focus on your music cuz it's quite interesting & enjoyable…I hope you don't have to retire for atleast another 5/10 years Danielson, thank you for all you've done & all your talents, you're one of the best of the best ♡♡♡ Billy Gunn didn't abandon his sons, they betrayed n tried to beat their father up & his adopted sons defended him & had his back!!!

  2. Going tonight. Watching my first
    Episode of Dynamite and my first AEW show all at once. Honestly could not give two fucks about Orange Cassidy, Kenny, the Bucks, Sammy, TK, and probably half of the roster.

    I am very excited/blessed to see Jericho v Danielson.

  3. I mean Jericho Vs Garcia is probably where they are going with this but the much better option would be Garcia Vs Bryan Danielson for the ROH & Pure Title.

  4. Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson III for the Ring of honor world title this match is sure to be a great match I can't wait to see this match 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 PAC vs Orange Cassidy for the AEW all-atlantic title is the match that I look forward to more of Dynamite can't wait to see these two great wreslers fighting one on one again 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. I remember Jericho praising Bryan back in 2012 when nobody was paying attention to his talent, Jericho said "Bryan is the best in-ring performer we have today", or something like that.
    Made respect between this goat and this certified legend 🔥

  6. That was absolutely awesome🔥 Outside of the amazing promos and anticipation, this was also a video to gain even more loyalty towards AEW itself outside of the talents and wrestling that we all have been asking. LOVE it all and the future is STOOPIDLY HIGH and that’s a WIN

  7. This is just F***ing ridiculous. They break up one of the most successful, most popular Tag Teams in AEW history. Then create all of this bullshit around them, ultimately having Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus fight. With Captain Jackass priming the pump. What is the F***I g pay off for this. How does this in anyway benefit the promotion. This is another example of AEW booking /creative not having anything creative to contribute, so they just throw shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. This promotion is catastrophically broken because of booking /creative. They create a faction with the most incomprehensibly stupid premise. The JAS shitshow is the pinnicle of B/C self destructive ignorance. Culminating with the Jungleboy vs Luchasaurus bullshit

  8. I hate the fact that Jericho is going to win when Danielson should be the champion. AEW will definitely lose a good amount of hardcore wrestling fans if they continue to let Y2J to "decimate" ROH.

  9. Holy shit a Orange Cassidy promo? We need more of this OC and HOLY mother of god that "im all rock.. i just play with scissors" line from daddy ass was fucking PERFECTION

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