Indy Talent B-Boy Says He Tore Achilles At AEW Tapings, Thanks Company For Support

B-Boy has revealed that he suffered an injury at recent appearance at an AEW taping, and thanked the company and people there for their support of him. The indy wrestler appeared at a recent taping and noted in a series of tweets that he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, which will leave him out of action for a while.

B-Boy expressed his gratitude for the company and talent for taking care of him in a lengthy statement, which you can read in full below:

“First of all, I just want to thank everyone that has reached out to me and has shown love and support from this past week. Be aware of this long post.

This week was a huge opportunity I have worked my whole entire professional wrestling career for. I was excited to see old friends and show the world what I have to offer on a national stage.

About 30 seconds to a minute into the match, I heard a pop and instantly went down. Those that know me know how stubborn or “tough” I am and knows I would always continue a match regardless of if I was hurt or not. It’s just how I was raised, when you fall you get back up.

I couldn’t get up and started holding my heel/ankle. I got to the docs office and they did a first initial test. From the first test, they speculated a torn Achilles and my heart just dropped. some of the boys and girls came to the back and wondered what happened and checked on me and their hearts dropped.

Needless to say, I instantly was depressed but I didn’t want to show it towards peers I’ve known for years as I didn’t want my injury to get their Spirits down. As wrestlers, we sign up for this, we get hurt… It just so happened after wear and tear for 22 years, it was my time. Things like this just happened especially in the most freakish situations.

Santana, Ortiz, and Kingston (guys that I have a huge bond with) took care of me the rest of the night and helped me to my room and made sure to accommodate whatever I needed.

I woke up the next morning, things settling in and started crying for 2 hours just thinking it was nighttime… And was praying for good news.

Later that day my MRI was scheduled with the hope that maybe it wasn’t as bad as predicted… But unfortunately, the results came back from the original production and I have a torn/ruptured Achilles.

I am/was heartbroken.

The one thing that got me out of my state of mind was friends I’ve known for 15 years from the company reached out. Then I decided instead of staying at the hotel and just self-loathing, I wanted to be at the venue and just be thankful and show my gratitude and be in good spirits around my peers and help with whatever I could.

Upon arriving, everyone from top of the company, two coaches and vets, two producers, to camera and crew, to Talent got word I was hurt… and everyone came up to me and showed nothing but support and love, it was overwhelming.

Emotionally overwhelming.

When you have Arn and Tully take time to talk to you and talk about their experiences and say nothing but good things to you, to Cody and Kenny, Nick and Matt personally coming to me and giving me words of motivation and reassurance. Peers I’ve known throughout the years of Sharon Walker rooms together showing love and support and those that I didn’t know taking their time to come up to me… it’s overwhelming and I just felt blessed and grateful that I made an impact with everyone I’ve known throughout the years enough to take time out of their busy and stressful and long days.

Now Oh, it’s the long road to recovery Alexis I fly back in a couple of days and then when I get home, start to look for a surgeon to get surgery and then hard work starts… I’m not talkin to rehab cuz I can handle that, but just the mental anguish of not being able to do a lot of things I normally do in life.

However, I have a beautiful wife, a daughter turning 18, a wrestling school I can still teach, friends that love me, family that loves me and now huge company that I guess loves me too?

Two people reading this, I don’t want sadness or disappointment. Things happen for a reason, I’m in good spirits if anyone has advice on always open to anything to help along my recovery. To conclude this…

Fall 7 times.
Get up 8.

Stay the course.”

On behalf of 411, our best wishes to B-Boy for a quick and full recovery.

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