Impact Wrestling Was Reportedly ‘Really Mad’ About Sammy Guevara Situation At First

It was previously reported that Sammy Guevara was pulled from the most recent Impact Wrestling tapings after a conflict over the creative plans for him. It was originally set for him to work for Impact after he quit the Inner Circle, before coming back as a babyface to feud with the group. While it was later added that there was no heat on Guevara from AEW, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that that Impact Wrestling was said to be “really mad” at AEW and Guevara at first.

The basic plan was for Guevara to win three matches at the tapings. Guevara suggested that he win the X Division title then return to AEW with it, but he would never lose it. Instead it would be put on the line in a tournament. Impact turned that idea down.

Impact was said to be mad over AEW sending talent over, Impact working them into their creative plans and then the talent not agreeing to those plans. It seems that things are ‘smoothed over’ now between the two companies, but it was almost at a point where it could have affected relationships. Guevara isn’t expected to appear for Impact any time soon. It was only going to be a short term deal to begin with, just to give the illusion that he signed with Impact and was getting a push, only for him to make a “surprise” return to AEW.

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