Impact News: AEW Stars Roast Tommy Dreamer For His 50th Birthday, Clip of Dreamer’s Contract Signing Promo

– Tommy Dreamer turns 50 years on Saturday as he faces Rich Swann at No Surrender, and AEW’s stars roasted him to celebrate. Impact aired a montage of happy birthday wishes from the likes of Chris Jericho, MJF, Matt Hardy, Yaz, Arn Anderson, the Young Bucks, Eddie Kingston, and Proud N’ Powerful, which you can see below.

Along with some genuinely sweet sentiments, we had MJF calling Dreamer a “fat, disgusting, worthless sack of s**t” and joke with Jericho about how there’s no way he’s beating Rich Swann. Kingston started off well but then complained about having to continue putting him over. Matt Jackson called him “Old A.F.,” while Jericho said he was a “much bigger mark than I am.” MJF finished off by saying, “Can’t wait to watch you croak in the middle of the ring!” You can also see a video montage of Impact stars wishing Dreamer well below:

– Speaking of Dreamer, he had his contract signing segment with Swann to close tonight’s show and delivered an impassioned promo that you can see below:

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