Heath Announces He’s Undergoing Hernia Surgery March 1st

Impact Wrestling star Heath will undergo hernia surgery in a few weeks.

He’s been out of action for the past several months. We last saw him action at Bound for Glory in October, when he competed in the “Call Your Own Shot” Battle Royal.

Heath has been getting a lot of messages from wrestlers and concerned fans asking where he’s been. He tweeted a video message on Thursday addressing his condition.

He’s been visiting several doctors in hopes of getting a proper diagnosis and game plan for recovery. Heath revealed that he’s got a sports hernia on the left side of his pubic bone, another hernia on his right side, his abductor muscle is ripped off the bone and he’s got a rip in his abdomen wall on both sides.

“It’s a little bit of a mess,” he joked. He described the situation as “an up and down roller coaster ride of crap.”

Heath finally found a surgeon that will attempt to fix all of his ailments. The procedures are scheduled for March 1st.

You can check out Heath’s video message below. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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