Good Brothers Appear, New BTE Champion Crowned on Latest Being the Elite

The Good Brothers appeared on the latest episode of Being the Elite, which also saw the crowning of a new BTE Champion. You can see the video for the latest episode below along with a recap:

* The episode started with the Good Brothers in front of a green screen of an actual buck being met by the Young Bucks. Nick joked that they would have to edit the hell out of the match because Gallows was swinging the title at his crotch and made references to smoking pot. Matt called it the most edited match in history, and Nick said it felt like 2013 and not like 2021 Bullet Club which sucks. He notes that it’s not a stoyrline and they’re not working with the NJPW Bullet Club, mocking the group. The Bucks say they don’t have issues with the Brothers but don’t like Don Callis, and they head off, but not before Gallows pretends to dry hump the green screen buck.


* After we see clips of the eight-man tag match from Dynamite, we go backstage where Stu Grayson sees Anna Jay and Tay Conti and says “Hey girl, what’s up?” to Anna, only to have her shove him over a railing. Surprised, Conti asks Anna if she likes Grayson, to which Anna says, “Are you serious?”

* Brandon Culter walks up to Luchasaurus and offers his Dungeons & Dinosaurs shirt to him as a peace offering after Luchasaurus destroyed him. He apologizes for calling Luchasaurus a fossil, and Luchasaurus says he respects Cutler’s performance, then says Cutler maybe needs a little history and sensitivity training. They head to a dinosaur theme park and tour it.

* Anna Jay shows up with 5 for a Dark Order slumber party, but John Silver says no girls are allowed. He kicks 5 out but lets Anna stay. They go into a tent and tell stories, and Silver wants Anna to tell one. She says she’s out and exits, seeing that Hangman Page is outside. She asks what he’s doing there and says he broke the Dark Order’s hearts when he led them on. She tells him to move on so they can, and to get out. 5 pops up and asks what that was, and Anna said he saw nothing and if he says anything, he’ll be treated like Stu.

* Matt Hardy reveals in a phone call while hanging with Private Party that he made a host of money by getting him fired up about facing Luchasaurus and then bet against him. Cutler, who is filming of course, flips him off. He tells Private Party it’s time to get in the Good Brothers’ heads and they sneak into a room where they see Gallows asleep in a Festus-like expression. They ring a bell and shock him awake and he reacts like Festus, but “Phestus with a PH in case Vince still owns the name.” Karl Anderson says he doesn’t want to be Jesse, and they aren’t happy about being riled up. Private Party then go back and talk to Matt, who says that riling them up makes them well on their way to becoming Impact World Tag Team Title Match.

* Nyla Rose is on the phone with Vickie and says donations are going great, but they may even have too much money. She has an idea though, and tells Vickie to “meet me in that place where I put that thing that one time.”

* Griff Garrison works on a new dance routing. It looks TikTok-y.

* Finally, John Silver defends the BTE Title against Sammy Guevara in a field goal kicking contest. Sammy misses the first two, while Silver gets his second. Sammy then ties it up and Silver misses, leading to a kick-off that Sammy wins. SIlver then says Sammy has to carry the title everywhere he goes now. Guevara celebrates and we go to black.

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