Goldberg’s feats of strength: WWE Top 10, Sept. 11, 2022

Watch Goldberg do freakish things in the ring, from lifting 400-plus pounds for a Jackhammer to a Spear through Plexiglass.
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33 thoughts on “Goldberg’s feats of strength: WWE Top 10, Sept. 11, 2022

  1. As Bobby The Brain used to say, Goldberg was "Da Man!!!!" The Sky Rocket success, the undefeated steak, and as this compilation shows, the unbelievable strength, There will NEVER be another Goldberg.

  2. Mark Henry and bang bang Bigelow, military press with spinebuster I haven't seen any current stars can do.. and they blame him for his return.. this man his legend his entrance and finisher is crazy.

  3. according to Ron Simmons Scott Steiner Rick Steiner Booker T Edge Christian Vince Mcmahon Curt Hennig Bobby Heenan Sid Vicious Arn Anderson Diamond Dallas Page ( Kevin Nash on and off with Goldberg ) Lex Luger Sting The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin Brock Lesner Ric Flair John Cena Randy Orton The Undertaker Triple H and Eric Bischoff said he is one of the greatest because if he wasn't NONE of these guys would support him and say he is… Even Stone Cold Steve Austin said so on the Broken Skull plus he supported him and was right beside him during the 2003-04 era.. that's why He's in the Hall of Fame… If he was an unsafe wrestler they would have ended His Wrestling career but the true fans that continue to support Him know it's B.S. on the lies and negativities on Goldberg

  4. #2) Should had been when Goldberg Jackhammer Rosey (Roman's) late brother . That should have been #2 . Extra Credit # 2.5) when Goldberg Speared Christian

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