Goldberg Says He Got Mad When Fans Confused Him For Stone Cold, Admits He’s A Huge Fan of Finn Balor

In an interview with Soundsphere Magazine, Goldberg admitted that he used to get angry when fans would confuse him for Stone Cold Steve Austin during the height of his popularity. He also spoke about which modern stars he enjoys watching. Here are highlights:

On people confusing him and Austin back in the day: “Well firstly he should be flattered because I’m a hell of lot better looking than he is. It used to really piss both of us off. We’ve talked about this exponentially because I like to say we’re pretty good friends. I always took it personally and it made me mad because Steve Austin is, like, 250lbs and I was like 285lbs / 290lbs. So I thought that if they thought I was Steve, then they thought I was small… I took that as a slight. Not because they thought I was Steve Austin the awesome wrestler, but because I was small. So there’s another layer to it. Throughout the years we used to both get really pissed off, now I think it’s hilarious. We actually try to bring it up to each other when it happens. It’s pretty fun.”

On if he wishes a match with Austin could have happened: “Oh my god, I wouldn’t be living and breathing if I didn’t make that statement. There was no other match for my sake that needed to happen more so than that one. It was a timing issue, it was just a timing issue, and an injury issue. I love him exponentially, man, he’s a great dude and to have graced the ring with him in a match would have been absolutely phenomenal.”

On who he sees as the future of wrestling: “I mean the usual suspects… Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee and Ricochet. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Finn Bálor. I’d have to say those four are the future. There’s no question about it. In my opinion. And what do I know?”

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