Giant Baba Memorial Show Quick Results 2.04.21: Both NJPW & AJPW Wrestlers Featured

– As reported in October, New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling announced that they would be collaborating for a Giant Baba Memorial Show event, which was held earlier today. The event took place at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Below are some results from the card, courtesy of

* Jinsei Shinzaki, Tomoaki Honma & Mitsuya Nagai beat Andy Wu, Osamu Nishimura & Alejandro in a six-man tag team match.
* Atsushi Onita, Masanobu Fuchi, The Great Kojika & Shiro Koshinaka were victorious over Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Takao Omori, Tiger Mask II & Arashi in an eight-man tag team bout.
* BUSHI beat Atsuki Aoyagi.
* Yuma Aoyagi & Yuji Nagata defeated Minoru Suzuki & Hikaru Sato in a tag team battle.
* Keiji Mutoh, Satoshi Kojima & Suwama got the win over Kaz Hayashi, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Masayuki Kono in the headliner.

There are also some live event photos from the Giant Baba Memorial card that were posted on Twitter, which are available below:

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