Game 1 of the World Series Ends in a Thriller | Top of the Order

Kyle Tucker homers in his first two at-bats in the World Series and the second home run makes Astros history. JT Realmuto knocks in two runs to tie the game as the Philles claw their way back in the 5th inning. Nick Castellanos saves the game in the 9th with a sliding catch. JT Realmuto ices the cake with a solo homer in the 10th

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49 thoughts on “Game 1 of the World Series Ends in a Thriller | Top of the Order

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  3. If the Phils can pull this off, we’re probably watching something we won’t again see anytime soon!!
    I highly doubt there will be many teams just sneaking into the playoffs with the final wildcard spot, and then just slicing through opponents like they are the favorites, not the underdog! It could be decades before that happens again…so if it does, enjoy it, this team is already something special, and have a chance to be historic!!

  4. Kind of feel bad for Tucker. Kid had an incredible game…but these Phils just don’t quit!! Can’t wait for tonight!! Wish this Red October never had to end!! Go Phils!!

  5. Dusty baker made mistake should have let Mancini bat ademes swings on a 3 and 0 pitch that was not even a fastball and was actually a possible ball as umpire had a tight zone bad coaching Bad hitting at the very least go the opposite field you know what you are getting from Robertson so predictable low and outside curves sliders sinkers

  6. The amount of firsts in postseason history or franchise history tell you how special this Phillies team really is. Look it up since the 9th inning of the Cardinals game this team has done the improbable and made it normal af. 3 wins away

  7. As an American league fan, I was rooting for the Astros to beat the Phillies. Then I
    read dusty bakers comments on how there were no black players in the series, and how he was ashamed of the game.
    The he had the gall to excuse the
    Astros cheating by saying they had"good" players, while using cursewords in the process. So, let's
    go Phillies. Phillies in four, baby!

  8. Honestly if the Phillies win the WS, they definitely deserve it. They played as best as they could all season and truly showed what they were able to do in the Postseason and are proving themselves once more in the World Series.

  9. Great Win Phillies!! 1 down 3 more to go Topper!! Let's Get Game 2 Tonight with Wheeler on the mound!! Let's Go Fightins Phillies ❤️⚾️🔔🏙2️⃣1️⃣5️⃣🤟🏾🏆🏆🏆

  10. I wished for that. Such a game! Both teams would be/are deserved winners. I'm betting and hoping for a decider. Both fought from start to finish. Perfect advertisement for this sport. Tnx for that Event!

  11. The Astros have never won game 1 of the world series…even in 2017 when they won the WS..they lost to the Dodgers in game 1 on the road..They lost game 1at home in 2019,2021 and now this year 2022…Scary fact is that they have lost the series when they lost game 1 at home on those two previous WS…Even when they were in the NL they still lost game 1 and eventually ended up getting swept by the White Sox bavk in 2005

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