Gail Kim Reveals Revival of Knockout Tag Team Titles Was in Works for Over a Year

– Speaking on Wrestling With Stereotypes for AdFreeShows, Gail Kim revealed the return of the Knockout tag team titles in Impact Wrestling had been in the works for a year. Below is an excerpt (via Fightful):

“We’re always looking for women, especially now that we have the tag team division happening now. I’m so excited for the girls. With women’s wrestling being so prevalent, there are so many women. We’re using everyone, but when you’re using everyone and there is only one title, it’s hard. We’re good at building storylines, but of course everyone wants to compete for the title. Bringing the tag team titles, the girls were so excited. We’ve been talking about it for over a year before it happened. Then we were like, ‘Yes! It’s finally happening!’ I’m happy for the girls more than anything. I remember when they told us we were getting the Knockouts Championship, I screamed out loud.”

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz won the finals of a tournament to win the Knockout tag team titles at this month’s Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill event.

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