Gabbi Tuft Explains Why She Requested Her WWE Release In 2012, Has No Desire To Wrestle Again

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Gabbi Tuft, who announced her transition last week, spoke about her decision to leave WWE the night after Summerslam 2012 and if she’d ever go back. She previously competed in the company as Tyler Reks. Here are highlights:

On her exit from WWE: “It happened pretty quickly [departure from WWE]. My daughter at the time was 8 months old, and I was gone a lot. I would leave from San Francisco on a Thursday night, get to wherever we’re going Friday morning, and I wouldn’t be home until Wednesday at 3 in the afternoon. I had less than 24 hours a week to spend with my 8-month-old daughter. It was really heartbreaking. I didn’t want to be a FaceTime father. At SummerSlam, which was supposed to be this family event, where all wrestlers bring their family members and hangout. It was so difficult [to quit] then, my daughter wanted to see me but I had all these appearances and autograph signings, and Axxess matches to do. My daughter was really upset. I saw the difficulty. My parents just happened to drive through LA, they called at just the right moment and I said, ‘hey, can you take my daughter home with you?’ and they agreed. When I watched them drive away from the hotel, my heart broke, and I knew everything was wrong and I had to quit.”

On Triple H talking to her after: “Hunter was really amazing. He understood why I quit and called me later. He said, ‘Hey, look. One father to the next, I totally understand.’”

On if she’d return to the ring: “My back is pretty messed up from taking the bumps. I’m actually going to BioXcelerator down in Columbia soon for stem cell surgery. Ryback, Kevin Nash, Brian Cage and several others have visited the place as well. I have no desire to bump anymore. However, if WWE or AEW wanted me to make appearances, I’d love to. All doors are open.”

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