Erick Redbeard on Brodie Lee Ribbing Him During Matches, Says Lee Slapping Him To Tag Out Was His Idea

Erick Redbeard was Brodie Lee’s longtime tag partner and good friend in WWE, and he recalled some stories of Lee messing with him during matches on The New Day’s Feel the Power. Redbeard and Lee teamed as Harper and Rowan in the Wyatt Family and as the Bludgeon Brothers, and Redbeard recalled how much Lee enjoyed messing with him during matches including Lee’s tendency to slap Rowan in order to tag out, which Redbeard said was his idea. The highlights and full video are below:

On Lee ribbing him during matches: “Yes, he enjoyed messing with me during matches, always. Whether it’d be us facing each other — you know, him heel, him face, it didn’t matter. Or us teaming together, and him just taking my mask and throwing it into the crowd during live events. So I would just run and chase him, and he’d go ‘I’m trying to tag you!’ He’d do it to mess with me. He’d throw it down, and then he’d try to tag me. I would just drop down [and] be like, ‘I’m busy trying to get this,’ and he’d mess back with me.”

On Lee slapping him to tag out: “Throughout when we were tagging together, I’d always have him slap me in the face. But that was me, that was my idea. Because I’m like, ‘Okay well, it’s like a brother relationship.’ And plus it popped the crowd, which popped him. Unless it backfired against me, and he’d slap me in the face but we’d get no reaction because there’d be no sound. But then sometimes it’d play against me, because I’d be like ‘Do it again.’ And he’d do it again, and I wouldn’t be able to hear a damn thing in this ear. But I never put it over for him, because I didn’t want him knowing that he got me. So my whole thing was, I never slapped him. Because if I ever put my hand up then yeah, he’d back away.

“One time we were at a live event, and he’s messing with me pretty bad. We won the match, I start getting up in the corner to celebrate. He pulls me down. I’m like, ‘I’ve had enough.’ I pull him down, I start going up. He pulls me down, I go up again. Pulls me down. I turn him around, push him, I said, ‘Push me back.’ He pushes me back! I’m like, ‘All right.’ He hits me as hard as he can — in a nice way. Without even thinking, I slap him back. His face when I slapped him, which I’ve never done — his eyes get real big. He drops down to his knees and slowly scoots underneath the lower rope. I’ll never forget that, the one time I got him back.”

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