Edge on His Reaction for Christian’s In-Ring Return, Would Love an E&C Tag Team Reunion

Metro UK recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer and 2021 men’s Royal Rumble winner Edge, who also spoke about Christian returning to the ring. Christian is Edge’s onscreen brother, and the two were a prominent tag team earlier in their WWE careers before going their separate ways as singles stars. Christian recently made a return to the ring and competed in the Royal Rumble last Sunday, and he’s reportedly going to work additional matches soon for WWE. Below are some highlights.

Edge on Christian’s Return at the Rumble: “Here’s the beautiful part, here’s where wrestling can work at its purest, best level. When you have reality and truth, and real emotions that can’t be fabricated, that can’t be written, that can’t be scripted. So the look you saw on my face as Christian was coming down the ramp, that was real. That was me being part dumbfounded that we were both in the Royal Rumble in 2021 after being told we could both never do this again. Proud – there was pride because I know how hard he worked to get back to the point where he could be cleared – which was evident by looking at him. There’s so many emotions in that moment and in that look – because I’ve known he’s been cleared for a little while, right? So I knew all of these things, but then when it’s actually happening, you’re in the moment, you’re in the pocket, that’s when you get everything that you’ve been feeling for this last little while and it’s able to come out. ‘It just so happens to be able to come out on screen, and that’s a beautiful thing!”

On an Edge and Christian tag team reunion: “I would love it! I think at some point that would need to happen -just because there’s so many opportunities there. ‘Between Edge and Christian against The Usos – I mean, man! Edge and Christian against The New Day, Edge and Christian against Ziggler and Roode, Edge and Christian versus the Street Profits! Not for nothing, Edge and Christian versus Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. There’s some stuff there.”

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