Eddie Kingston On His Current Run In AEW, How Video Games Made Wrestling Legit, His Favorite Wrestling Game

In a recent interview on FanboyNation, Eddie Kingston discussed his current run with AEW, how video games made wrestling legit, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Eddie Kingston on his current run in AEW: “It’s surreal. That’s probably the best word. I could’ve never imagined this, especially when I first came in to fight Cody. I was really considering selling my house in Florida. I was selling my wrestling gear at the time to make money because of the pandemic. Just to see how everything worked out the way it worked out…..I still have more to go because I’m not the world champ, but other than that, it’s very, very surreal.”

On how video games made wrestling legit and his favorite wrestling video game: “There were so many great wrestling video games, especially when I was younger. I’m 39 now, so when I was younger, having a wrestling video game was everything. It kind of made wrestling legit with all the other sports like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. They had their own video games and then here comes pro wrestling with theirs. Again, it just added more credibility to the sport. But then you grow up and play games like Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and it just blows you away. That’s still my favorite game of all time. Then you had the WrestleMania 2000 game and No Mercy and WCW vs. nWo – all those games for Nintendo 64. It blew everything away, then you had the other Smackdown games and stuff. They were huge. When I was growing up and wrestling got super hot, everybody was playing those games. People would go over to each other’s houses just to play those games.”

On getting recognition as breakout star in AEW: “That’s not the goal. That’s never been the goal. I’ve always wanted to be a top guy everywhere I’ve gone, no matter what promotion I was in – whether it was on the indie level or at Impact or wherever I was in my career, my main objective was to be the guy. The top guy, not anything else.”

On AEW’s crossover with Impact Wrestling: “I don’t think it’s ever gonna go back to the territory days. I would love that from all the stories I heard from old school guys. But I think it’s good for business that everybody works together. We all gotta come together to bring this sport back to where it should be where we’re all getting millions of viewers. There are enough people in the world for all of us to share. You don’t want vanilla ice cream every day. Maybe one day you want chocolate, maybe one day you want cookie dough. You always want a different flavor, and you don’t want the same thing over and over again. It’s good that we’re all working with each other to try and bring something different.”

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