Don Callis Says Kenny Omega & Good Brothers Did Bullet Club a Favor By Leaving

Don Callis doesn’t quite get why the Bullet Club is so angry at Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers for using their trademarks. Callis spoke tonight at a press conference after AEW Dynamite with Omega and the Brothers at the table and addressed Toma Tonga and Jay White slamming them for using the “Too Sweet” gesture and rocking Bullet Club shirts at Impact Hard to Kill. Callis said that he felt bad that they’re upset, but said Omega, Gallows, and Anderson did them a favor by leaving.

“You know what guys, I this is a good time to kind of clear the air here,” he said. “Because I actually feel bad, I should feel bad. Because they’re our brothers over there. And people say, ‘Why do you guys have to have [the Bullet Club gestures]. We take all that can be taken, and then we take a little more. But I actually feel a little bad because the bottom line is, when the three brothers here left Bullet Club, it actually was a good thing. Because it created an opportunity for some midcard guys to move up the chain and fly the flag. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s kind of like when baseball had a work stoppage and they had replacement players. The scabs came in, they got an opportunity. It’s like a mark fantasy camp, almost. It’s like, you get to play that you’re part of the big group.”

He continued, “So I think we’ve done something really good here. It’s a nice thing that we’ve done. We’ve created opportunity. Those guys are good guys. But you don’t replace Michael Jordan, you know what I’m saying? You don’t Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. You can try, but this is what happens. So I think the Bullet Club guys in Japan are great, I’m not familiar with what their names are, just yet. But they’re flying the flag, so I would like to put a stop to all the bad feelings. They called us corny, I don’t know how you get over using words like that. But listen, I want to encourage all the fans to buy the merch. Get them back into the top 40 in Pro Wrestling Tees. There’s no hard feelings.”

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