Dominic Garrini on AEW’s BJ Whitmer Telling Him to Sign With MLW, Dealing With the Pandemic

– During a recent interview with Fightful, MLW wrestler Dominic Garrini spoke about signing with MLW and more. He also spoke about how AEW’s BJ Whitmer advised him to sign with AEW and see where his career is three years from now. Below are some highlights.

Dominic Garrini on getting signed by MLW and dealing with the pandemic: “It’s nice to have the guarantee, for sure. One of the big things that is nice about MLW is that, you know, Court Bauer reached out to me weekly during the pandemic. Not only to see how wrestling was, but how my personal life was, you know? I carry a day job while I wrestle because as awesome as MLW is, we’re not quite there to where it’s something where I can support myself. I went through six years of college, so I have a lot of student loan debt to pay off. But, I have a good day job. During the pandemic, my day job shut down for almost two months. Court would check in with me weekly just to see how I was doing, to see what I was doing, just to kinda talk, and we’d talk about all kinds of stuff. Whether it’d be just life or we would bring up old wrestling stuff to talk about. But, Court’s always had a really big interest in me since I signed. That’s one of the things that really sets Court apart. I truly believe Court cares about almost the entire roster to the point of reaching out to us and talking to us and getting our opinions on things.”

Dominic Garrini on how Court Bauer wanted him to embrace his BJJ background: “For an example, one of the things was—Court, when I first started, was really big into my wearing the gi. He thought it set me off as different. Which is funny, because it was something Gabe and I talked about originally. I did not like the idea of it in EVOLVE because it was just too bulky for me. So, I agreed to start with it in MLW and we had some ideas of where we would go with some storylines on it. In the pandemic, I wasn’t a big fan of wearing the gi as well, if I was gonna team with Kevin I really wanted to look as part of a tag team. So, we pitched at the tapings for me to go into the gear that I’d gotten. Court was very receptive to that and that speaks volumes to him, you know? He had a vision for me and he was okay with letting me be comfortable in my skin and doing what I wanted to do. So, there’s that. To have somebody that’s so willing to work with me on that, that’s one of the big things.”

On AEW’s BJ Whitmer advising him to sign with MLW: “True story, one of the people have told me to sign with MLW, in September of 2019 was BJ Whitmer, who works for AEW. I have been very close with BJ since the start of my career, through AIW, and I had reached out to him, to weigh my options, he told me to go ahead and take the MLW deal and see where my career lies in three years at the end of the MLW deal. So, I respect BJ’s opinion as he’s been a guy who’s been around a little bit of everything—ROH, AEW now, he’s kind of done everything. BJ has always looked out for me. I remember when AEW was in town last February, we were in Cleveland last February right before the pandemic hit. He had gotten some seats for [Thorne] and they were, like, second row and [Thorne] had wanted to give me one, but BJ said, ‘No, you know what? I’d rather not put Dominic in a bad situation of him getting seen on TV.’ So, it ended up being I got a whole different set of seats that I couldn’t be seen. But, that’s just a good guy looking out for me so I didn’t get in trouble with my employer.”

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