Dolph Ziggler Reveals His Favorite Royal Rumble Moment

One-half of the current SmackDown tag team champions Dolph Ziggler recently appeared on WWE‘s The Bump where he talked about things like winning the tag titles with Robert Roode and more.

With the Royal Rumble event being less than two weeks away, everybody is talking about the event and sharing their predictions and memories of the show.

During the interview, Ziggler also revealed his own favorite Royal Rumble moment and he recalled the time he challenged Edge for the world title at the event in 2011:

“There was a Royal Rumble where I fought against Edge for the World Heavyweight title once; we went one-on-one to open up the Royal Rumble. I went in knowing and the entire audience knowing that I had no chance of winning.

Because Edge is so awesome at what he does because that rivalry became so great because I learned so much in the past from traveling with him,” said Dolph Ziggler, “[I knew] I was a formable opponent to him at the time.”

The former world champion continued by saying that the entire crowd started realising that there was a star in the making in that match, 10 minutes into the bout.

According to Dolph Ziggler, they stole the show with the opening match and he doesn’t even remember who won the Royal Rumble afterwards. You can check out his full interview in the video below:

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