Dax Harwood Drops Hints That Chad Gable Could Leave WWE Soon

In a series of posts on Twitter, AEW wrestler Dax Harwood dropped some hints that former NXT rival Chad Gable could be on his way out of the WWE soon.

In response to Gable calling Otis his #1 guy (a Batman reference), Harwood wrote: “Wait, what’s all this #1 talk?! I know you’re not allowed to respond to me publicly for about 2 more months, but c’mon man! HE’S your #1?!

Elsewhere, a fan reminisced about the matches between American Alpha (Gable’s team with Jason Jordan) and FTR in NXT. Harwood replied: ““Maybe we should run this one back soon…

If Harwood is right and Gable has two more months on his contract, that would put him out of the WWE around May. Assuming he has a 90-day non-compete clause, that would free him up for AEW (or whoever else he wanted to sign with) around August or September.

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