Dark Order Celebrates Valentine’s Day on Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

The latest episode of Being the Elite sees the Dark Order making Valentine’s Day cards, while the Good Brothers continue to annoy the Young Bucks. You can see the full video and a recap below:

* The Good Brothers are in front of their green screen naked and singing vulgar songs when the Bucks show up. Nick says that Gallows & Anderson are getting them in so much trouble for their segments, including the bestiality joke in last week’s episode. Matt reads some comments on social media complaining about it, and says it’s not 2013 anymore. The Good Brothers apologize try to do the Too Sweet gesture, but the Bucks don’t want to do it with so many people around. Matt asks why the two are naked, and the “play Helicopter” with their equipment to the Bucks’ embarrassment. Doc jokes in a Vince McMahon impression about the size of Anderson’s junk and they walk off, as the Bucks talk in a resigned manner about what just happened.

* The Bucks are backstage getting reference photos being done for the AEW video game. Matt talks to the camera while Nick gets his pictures done and says that he’s seen a sneak peek, and it’s amazing. He also talks about how Nick isn’t a fan of getting photos taken and hates this whole experience, and we see Nick enduring the whole thing.

* After some clips of last week’s battle royal, we see the Dark Order working on Valentine’s Day cards. Silver says that they’re all about the same person, and he praises the person’s hair, chest and derriere. Grayson asks to read his out loud and gets praised; Evil Uno does the same, to the same result. 5 is then prodded by the group to read his, and he gets mocked and told he’s going to die alone. They then talk about Hangman and almost inviting him to the slumber party last week, then rip on 5 when he tries to say Page showed up. They go to deliver their cards.

* Matt Hardy leaves a voicemail for Page saying it was great tagging with him and didn’t mean to make him angry about the finish, saying he wasn’t trying to steal the victory. Private Party show up and listen to the end of the message and ask him about it, asking if he’s not satisfied with them and what they’ve been doing. Hardy protests, saying he’s very satisfied and to trust him because he has it all mapped out. He says they’ll always be his first priority. The two say that Page still owes them $12 and thought Matt was cheating on them, and he says he’ll get the money. Hardy mentions that Chris Sabin and James Storm have an Impact World Tag Team Title match on Impact, so they’re going to make sure that the Good Brothers don’t lose the titles tomorrow. He vows that they will be both the Impact and AEW Tag Team Champions and will be heading to Impact tomorrow.

* The Good Brothers are backstage, and Gallows warns Anderson’s junk to stop going to nude beaches. The Bucks show up and praise the Good Brothers’ match with Kenny Omega, asking if the “forbidden door” is open now that KENTA is here. Karl asks if Tama is booked, and Nick says “No chance in hell.” Nick points out that the Brothers distracted him in the tag team battle royal and screwed him, causing them to get eliminated. Matt says that if they won, they could have picked their opponents for Revolution and it would have been the Brothers. But they screwed it up, and Matt says that they’re alcoholics and drug addicts, and sex addicts to boot so he doesn’t know how many chances they can get. Gallows says he repents weekly and the Brothers apologize and say they’ll win the Bucks back over. The Bucks walk off, and the Brothers talk about how they didn’t want to work the PPV anyway and only want to do one segment a show. Gallows does some more vulgarity until Anderson laughs, says, ‘F**k you, dude,’ and walks off.

* The Dark Order go to give their Valentines and walk up to Anna Jay, telling her to get out of the way. They all give Wardlow their cards except 5, who finds Page and wants to talk about last week when Jay told Page he broke the Dark Order’s collective hearts. Page says he gets it and had fun with the Order, and apologizes for how it all ended. He says not to worry about it, and they’re perfect without him anyway. Page walks off, and Page leaves the card near Page’s jacket.

* Kris Statlander walks up to Brandon Cutler and asks him to film something for her. She mentions Valentine’s Day, even though she doesn’t know what it is, and said that she and Orange Cassidy have a thing. Cutler says Statlander has spaceships, but here on Earth everyone is shipping Kris and Cassidy. Kris says she wrote Cassidy a song and asks Cutler to film her singing it to Cassidy. She sings the song and then runs off embarrassed, and Cutler tells Cassidy to chase her but realizes he’s sleeping.

* Anna Jay walks up to Grayson and gives him a Valentine’s Day card that says “F**k off.” He smiles and says, “Classic.”

* Sammy Guevara, the new BTE Champion, oversees a #1 contender’s match which is a trivia competition with Silver not allowed to be involved. It’s AEW/BTE trivia. Feugo Del Sol, 10, and Brandon Cutler all tie to win. Next week will see a handstand competition to determine between the contender’s and Guevara.

* Matt Hardy finds 5’s Valentine’s Day card to Page and tears it up angrily before we go to the goodbye sequence.

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