Darby Allin Thinks Sting Will Be Okay To Wrestle At AEW Revolution

In an interview with TalkSport, Darby Allin said he was optimistic about Sting being able to wrestle at AEW Revolution, where the two are booked for a Street Fight against Ricky Starks and Brian Cage. Here are highlights:

On what it’s like to work with Sting: “When I work with him, you can’t stop and smell the roses. It’s go time. That’s a huge thing for me to be in charge of telling his story at the tail-end of his career. You’re writing history here and I really don’t want anybody to go back and say ‘Oh, you know, when he got with Darby Allin it was kind of like not good’ or whatever you would say. So to me, there’s a lot of responsibility and it’s amazing to have that put on me. I thrive in these situations.”

On when he found out he would be working with him: “To be honest, I was standing in the rafters doing my thing. I thought I was sitting in the rafters just because that’s how I am in real life, sitting away from everybody [laughs]. I didn’t put two-and-two together. When I finally did get told about Sting I was like ‘oh, s***!’ It’s going to be a big one and it was. That debut… that was something special. Now it’s time to kick ass, dude. I dropped out of film school, so visualising things, I love everything to do with storytelling and film so the wheels, man [in my mind]… it’s a seven day a week job for me in my head. It doesn’t end Thursday morning.”

On if Sting is physically able to wrestle: “We were walking around Jacksonville the other day. There was this six-foot fence. I jumped the fence and I told Sting ‘I’m going to take some photos’ because we were looking at some weird stuff in Jacksonville. I was like ‘I’m going to take some photos for you of this weird building’ and he’s on the other side of the fence that’s locked up. And he’s like ‘what, you don’t think I’m going to jump this fence?’ He climbs up and he jumped the fence. So I’d say he’s good to go!”

On Cody Rhodes giving him a chance: “From the start, even before I step foot in this company, all the behind the scenes stuff like getting my contract set up, I was just talking to Cody and we were on the same page. He knew what I wanted, he knew I wasn’t going to put up with anything. He’s like ‘alright, you want the ball? You’re going to fight me in the first ever Fyter Fest and we’ll see how you do taking that ball.’ So I put 110 percent into that, and I know it sounds cliche as hell, but it’s true. I did everything I physically knew how to do in that match. So to fast-forward a year and we had the championship match, you couldn’t have put a better ending on that story… if it is the ending.”

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