Darby Allin on Being One of the Faces of AEW, Having Creative Freedom To Be Him

Darby Allin is quickly becoming one of the top names in AEW, and he talked about having that position of prominence in the company. Allin appeared on the Endless Hustle podcast and discussed how having the freedom to do what he did is what has helped make him. You can see the highlights and full audio below:

On becoming one of the faces of AEW: “I feel like, ’cause they they know [that] if you give me the ball, I’m going to run with it. When AEW was built on creative freedom and having your say in what you do, I don’t think — out of the younger guys, I don’t think anybody has taken it as far as I have within the last year.

“And then to show people, ‘Yo, this guy did this his way,’ I think it speaks volumes to the fans about the promotion. Like, ‘Damn, we may not have seen Darby if it wasn’t for an AEW on this scale. Because no one’s gonna let him do him like AEW does.’ Like, who’s going to let me skate with Tony Hawk and cut a promo? Who is going to let me jump off an 80-foot bridge? Who’s gonna let me hit my friend with a car? But like the thing it is, people are seeing my body of work, 100% me. And unchanged, unfiltered, yeah.”

On if it’s been as blatant as him being told he’s a face of the company: “No. I just know that me and Tony Khan, when we have talks and stuffs like that, he just knows in my eyes how much I’m hustling, and how much I care. So it’s kind of a thing here he’s like, ‘This guy is willing to do anything for this brand.’ And you know, but there’s not like a specific like, ‘Hey man, come here.’ You know when someone is badass, and you don’t have to go up to each other and say ‘You’re badass.’ You just know? It’s pretty much that.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Endless Hustle with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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