Danny Limelight on Getting Invited to AEW Dark & His Debut Against Jurassic Express

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed AEW wrestler Danny Limelight, who discussed making his AEW debut late last year. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.com.

Limelight on how getting to work NJPW and NJPW Strong helped him a lot: “I knew eventually wrestling was going to come back. I just didn’t know when. Fortunately, before I separated my shoulder, I had attended my New Japan trial. So when I got the call to make my debut, I was like, ‘this is my time, my moment. I’m ready to rock.’ … Wrestling TJP did a lot for me, he’s one of the best technical wrestlers around. So, people who never knew me before got to know me. Since then, I have been a mainstay on the NJPW Strong show and have been feuding with Rocky Romero.”

Danny Limelight on getting an initial invite from AEW in October 2020: “I got invited to AEW Dark and it kind happened out of nowhere, right around the time I made my NJPW debut. … Initially, I e-mailed Christopher Daniels, the AEW’s Head of Talent Relations. I introduced myself. He told me I was on their radar and to put my stuff on the cloud. Said he’ll let me know if anything comes up.”

On his AEW debut in a six-man tag team match against Jurassic Express: “I flew out there, debuted in 6-man tag match against Jurassic Express. That was fun because I had previously trained with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. It was mostly those two, John Morrison, and Pentagon… we sometimes meet up at a gymnastics Olympia or a park to try out cool new things. It was cool to make debut, well received by fans. After that second tag match, I started getting singles matches. Opened a lot more eyes. Lot of see people saw my work in NJPW. Consistently working hard. Since debut have missed only 2 Dark episodes. Always there. Feels great to be recognized.”

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