Danhausen Says His Current Character Is Closer To His Actual Self

In an interview with Gamespot, Danhausen spoke about his current wrestling character and how he feels it’s the closest to his true self. Here are highlights:

On his current character: “This is much more me. This is me incorporating every aspect of my personality into this character. Besides the fact, in real life, I’m really not that outgoing, so this character is a way for me to be more out there. Growing up, I was very shy, and talking in front of audiences makes me very nervous, but this whole character really helps with that. Anything I grew up with, or the things I took along the way of just living like late-night comedy, cartoons, horror, it’s all in this character.”

On coming up with his ring name: “I remember talking to [professional wrestler] Effy about it. He suggested [my last name]. It stands out but it’s just a German last name and goes with the weird aesthetic I have going on.”

On fine tuning the approach to the character: “I then just started doing more of an impression of Billy Moseley as Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I learned that the 30-second videos of me being funny with my friends were doing so much better than the ones I was taking actual time with to be seriously scary.”

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