Danhausen Explains His Plan to Go to Hollywood This Year

As noted, Fightful recently spoke to ROH wrestler Danhausen about his career, and he talked about going to Hollywood for potential film and TV opportunities, which he would like to use to bring more attention on pro wrestling. Below are some expanded highlights from the very evil wrestler.

His thoughts on film and TV opportunities: “Perhaps Danhausen will be in Hollywood by the end of the year. We shall see. Danhausen saw someone ask a question about what Danhausen wants to do when he’s done wrestling. Television style. So, Danhausen can be like how the Rock does. He’s just a Hollywood star now, but he brought new eyes to the wrestling product at first. So, Danhausen can do this wonderful interviews, can do his television shows, his YouTubes, what have you and he can bring new eyes. Hopefully Danhausen can get a television show or a cartoon or something. Or, just, you know, do some sort of interviewing on the red carpet to celebrities. The other celebrities. He can have his own night time television show, his own talk show.”

On wanting to use Hollywood to bring more eyes on wrestling: “No, he brings salads Salads! Yes, Caesar salads. But, yes. Danhausen does not want this to be… He is focused on wrestling and also wants to ascend to the Hollywoods so that he can bring more eyes on this wrestling and then we can all make more monies. And more salads, yes. All the salads. Hollywood salads for everybody on Danhausen.”

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