Dakota Kai Wants NXT To Have A Strong Presence At Wrestlemania

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Dakota Kai said that she wants NXT to have a strong presence at Wrestlemania, and more crossover with the other brands. Here are highlights:

On getting more eyes on NXT: “I know the past year has been difficult for that to be something that [could happen more]. I think the only way to elevate NXT further is to have a lot more crossover between the brands: SmackDown and Raw and NXT. They should combine more. A lot of people remember the Survivor Series that happened in 2019. There was a lot of crossover happening. It was crazy. When NXT came to SmackDown for the first time, causing ruckus. People loved that. I think there is a lot of opportunity there to tell different stories nobody has ever seen before.”

On the WWE Network moving to Peacock: “NXT could really benefit from being opened up to a whole new different fan base. Every time there is a TakeOver, we blow the roof off. For that show to be accessed for a whole new audience is only going to do good things.”

On the newer NXT women getting more opportunities: “I think giving them opportunities to do that can only strengthen our division more…and really get their names out there. With us winning the Dusty Classic and able to have a shot at the WWE women’s tag team championship, that will only strengthen the brand too. Everything we do will be a step forward in elevating our brand as a whole and the women’s division as a whole. Anything can happen when the girls get called to Raw or SmackDown. We have to keep raising the division and making sure it is going to stay as strong as it is for a long, long time.”

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