Corey Graves Talks Benefits of Peacock/WWE Streaming Deal

WWE and NBC recently revealed that the WWE Network, at least the United States version, will be moving exclusively to the Peacock streaming service. Corey Graves recently discussed the benefits of the move on his WWE After The Bell podcast.

“It actually saves you money, it’s going to cost less than WWE Network costs right now” Corey Graves began on the podcast. “This is terribly exciting. I actually already subscribe to Peacock and I have for a really long time. I subscribed actually for reasons that have nothing to do with what I knew, or what was advertised on Peacock. It was the Universal horror movies; Dracula, Wolf Man all those classics, like Frankenstein, they were available on Peacock.”

“This is who I think the move benefits the most” Graves continued. “That would be the lapsed fan. The fan who loves WWE, or loved WWE, maybe hasn’t watched for a few years? Maybe doesn’t tune in every Monday or Friday and isn’t quite familiar with the product? But let’s say as you’re going to turn on The Office on Peacock and you see the WWE Network logo pop up. Now maybe a fan who goes ‘oh man I used to really love Goldberg, I used to love Stone Cold,’ you scroll down and you click a button and there’s modern content. Now you can try and bring fans back.”

Corey Graves on Lapsed Fans

Corey Graves finished by reiterating how important it is for WWE to try and engage with lapsed or even new fans. “It’s so easily accessible. I wasn’t looking for The Office, I never watched The Office but I got the app and I got all the the promotion that came with it. I said ‘I heard this show is great, I’m gonna check it out.’”

“Now that’s all I’ve watched for basically two months straight. I think this is a great opportunity for lapsed fans who have not followed or maybe they just aren’t as in tune with WWE as they should be. Because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of content, we’re moving really fast” Graves continued. “If you miss two or three weeks? You may have no idea what’s happening. I think it’s all about access it’s all about accessibility. I think it’s very very exciting. And oh, it’s cheaper than it already is. So what’s it’s a win win win.”

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