Comcast Announces 33 Million Subscriber Base for New WWE Network Home Peacock

NBCUniversal and parent company Comcast reported their fourth-quarter 2020 results earlier today (Jan. 28) and announced the current subscriber base for the streaming service Peacock. As previously reported, Peacock will become the new exclusive home the WWE Network starting March 18.

According today’s quarterly earnings announcement, Peacock currently has 33 million sign-ups. That’s reportedly up from 22 million subscribers from the previous quarterly earnings (via The Hollywood Reporter). WWE announced for its third quarter fiscal results last October that its current network subscriber base is 1.6 million users.

The upcoming Peacock deal will include live WWE pay-per-view specials, including WrestleMania 37. The first WWE PPV to be available on Peacock will be Fastlane on March 21.

The WWE Network on Peacock deal is valued at $1 billion over five years. WWE will announce its fourth quarter fiscal results on February 4.

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