Cody Rhodes Talks Possible Cinematic Match with Sting

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently spoke to New York Post. The former TNT Champion discussed a number of topics during the interview, including a potential ‘cinematic’ match against Sting.

‘The Icon’ Sting signed for AEW and debuted back on December 2nd at the ‘Winter Is Coming’ episode of AEW Dynamite. With Sting’s advanced age (for pro wrestling) and history of spinal issues? At 61 years old, he will be somewhat limited as to what he can do in the ring.

Cody Rhodes on Cinematic Matches

Cody Rhodes discussed this and the possibility that he may be able to face the former WCW legend in a match.

“To me, the cinematic matches, they really don’t have a current definition” Cody began. “I’ve seen the Stadium Stampede and I’ve seen the [WWE] Boneyard [match]. I’ve seen various different ways to present cinematic. And really cinematic just means with different camera cuts.”

“It can mean a lot of things” Cody Rhodes continued. “But ask me that question again in a few months; because I want the opportunity to stand across from the Stinger and I think he knows that. It’s almost kind of itching at me under my skin that if there is somebody I wanted to beat? It’s the face of TNT’s hottest period and run.”

Sting will be teaming with Darby Allin to take on Team Taz at AEW Revolution in March.

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