Cody Rhodes, Red Velvet Challenge Shaq and Jade Cargill to Step in the Ring

Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet have laid down the challenge this week’s episode of Dynamite Shaq and Jade Cargill to face them. On tonight’s show, Cody and Velvet challenged Shad and Jade to meet them in the ring.

The segment saw Cody say that he wanted himself and Brandi Rhodes to face Shaq and Cargill, but as Brandi is expecting that isn’t possible. Instead, Velvet who is a close friend of Brandi’s is willing to step up and since Cody won’t hit a woman, she’ll be more than happy to hit Cargill.

While the match was not made official, the ball is now in Shaqu’Neal and Cargill’s court.

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