Christian Thanks Fans Following Return at Royal Rumble

As previously reported, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Christian made a surprise return at the Royal Rumble last Sunday and competed in the men’s Rumble match. His friend and onscreen brother and former tag team partner, Edge, ultimately won the match. Yesterday, Christian responded to the amazing feedback and comments he received for fans on his appearance.

Christian tweeted, “The feedback from the fans has been amazing & the comments from my peers is humbling. I just want to say thanks & I’m SO happy that stepping back in the ring at the #RoyalRumble meant as much to you as it did to me. If that was it, it was on my own terms. If it wasn’t, then….”

Christian managed to make it to the Final Five for the Rumble match. He will reportedly be working a part-time schedule and making multiple future appearances for WWE.

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