Chris Jericho Responds to Jim Cornette Declaring the End of Their Friendship

– During a recent episode of his podcast this month, Jim Cornette slammed AEW star Chris Jericho and publicly declared an end to their friendship. Previously, Cornette and Jericho had a relationship going back many years. Very early in his wrestling career, Jericho wrestled for Cornette’s old Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion. On his podcast, Cornette declared that he and Jericho were no longer friends and called Jericho a “filthy disgusting pig.” Jericho later responded to Cornette’s remarks yesterday on his Twitter account.

Cornette insulted Jericho for his reported financial support of former United States President Donald Trump, along with Jericho and his band FOZZY performing at a controversial rally in STURGIS during the pandemic. It was recently reported by Brandon Thurston’s Wrestlenomics that stats on show that Jericho made two separate donations under Chris Irvine and Chris Jericho to President Trump’s reelection campaign. The amounts totaled $38,360.

Cornette said on Jericho, “You are a filthy human being for supporting a filthy disgusting pig. And that’s why you get my **** you. We are no longer friends and will never be friends again.”

Yesterday, Jericho tweeted on Cornette, “I’ve been told @TheJimCornette & his sidekick @greatbrianlast continue to brutally bury me for everything I do & say. My response to that is this….have at it! You’re entitled to ur opinions & Im honored to provide content that helps u pay your bills. Best of luck to both of u!”

You can listen to the clip of Cornette slamming Jericho on his podcast and view Jericho’s tweet below.

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