Chris Jericho & Jim Cornette Exchange Insults On Social Media

AEW star Chris Jericho and legendary manager/promoter Jim Cornette are the latest wrestling personalities to exchange trash talk in public.

Jericho recently addressed Cornette’s negative comments about him on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast. Jericho said that Cornette and his co-host’s comments don’t bother him. In fact, he’s happy to give them material to talk about. Cornette fired back, as seen below.

Jericho posted the following Monday afternoon:

Cornette then issued two responses earlier today.

Shortly after that Tweet, Cornette realized he forgot to comment on Jericho’s band “Fozzy” playing the Sturgis festival this summer. The event has been labeled a “Super Spreader” event by some.

Jericho also expressed similar sentiment in a Tweet sent to Sebastian Bach yesterday.

Bach has criticized Jericho for numerous things in the past. He was upset that Jericho’s band called their tour “Fozzy Across America” which he felt was a take on Skid Row’s “Skids Across America” tour. The singer eventually deleted his Tweet regarding this, however.

Bach has also accused Jericho of lip-syncing.

Jericho’s guitarist spoke about Bach in a reply to this thread as well.

“Any time I have witnessed Sebastian’s name come up in a group setting, the room enthusiastically lines up to say the worst things about him. He’s universally disliked, never witnessed a more unifying topic. @IAmJericho has ALWAY come to the guy’s defense and shuts it down.”

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