Chris Hero Talks About How It Feels When People He’s Worked With Succeed

In the latest episode of ‘Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?‘ (via Fighter Fans), Chris Hero spoke about how it feels when wrestlers he traveled and worked with succeed in WWE, using Wrestlemania 30 as an example.

He said: “I think back to WrestleMania 30, which was in New Orleans where I was no longer employed by the company” Chris Hero began on the podcast. “We had a gathering at some bar, there were a couple people that I was with, and we’re watching ‘Mania and Cesaro body slams Big Show’s big ass up to the floor and wins that Battle Royale! Then Daniel Bryan goes on and just has an incredible career night, and is holding the belts at the end of the night. These are two guys that I spent a lot of time with, on the road and in the ring. And I’m sure I didn’t feel as good as they felt, but I felt pretty good watching those guys succeed. When somebody that I’ve spent that time with succeeds? You know I feel a little bit of it too. I don’t mean like, they owe me anything, but it just feels good to see that. I feel part of that success because I have a certain connection with those people. We may not even talk anymore, but I do know the time that we had spent together.

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