Chris Bey Talks Interest From AEW To Sign Him

IMPACT Wrestling X Division star Chris Bey recently spoke to Fightful. The former X Division Champion discussed a number of topics during the show, including how AEW was previously interested in signing him.

“So, with everybody that’s been talking to me over the last year like, ‘Man, AEW was interested in you. Why didn’t you go there?’” Chris Bey begin the interview. “Now it’s looking like I don’t even have to have made that decision to still make it happen, you know?”

Chris Bey then discussed how he could potentially work for AEW, but under the IMPACT banner as part of the ongoing ‘invasion’ storyline with Kenny Omega.

“For me, it’d be even better if I can do it wearing the IMPACT! banner and holding the IMPACT! flag while I do it, you know? I think it’s just going to set up some dream match scenarios. If this keeps going in the direction it’s going in we can provide history for the fans that we possibly look back to for the foreseeable future of our business and be like, ‘Man, that’s when things really changed in this industry.’ This could be the start of something.”

Chris Bey appeared at IMPACT’s Hard To Kill PPV this weekend. He was part of the triple threat match for the X Division title, where Manik/TJP would take the win after rolling up Rohit Raju.

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