Charlotte Flair Doesn’t Think WWE Needs Ronda Rousey, ‘But She Brings a Lot to the Table’

Charlotte Flair thinks that Ronda Rousey’s potential return would add to the women’s division, but she wouldn’t say WWE “needs” her. Flair spoke with ViBe & Wrestling’s Vicente Beltrán for a new interview. In a clip released from it that you can see below, Beltrán asked about the reports that Rousey was training to return and whether WWE needs someone like Rousey.

“Oh, ‘need’ is a very strong word,” Flair said. “Do I think Ronda adds to the division? 100%. But ‘need?’ No. We have an incredible list of already established stars, and ones that are on the rise. So ‘need’ is a strong word, but do I think she brings a lot to the table? 100%.”

Rousey has been reportedly training in a ring, though there’s no word on when or if she might return. She recently reacted to her being in the top two of the Royal Rumble betting odds, hinting at a potential return this weekend but there’s no confirmation of that by any stretch.

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