Chad Gable Wants A ‘Dream Match’ With This Top WWE Superstar

Chad Gable has been helping Otis in training under his Alpha Academy and former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan has also seemingly joined this storyline to train for the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV.

The former American Alpha member recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump where he talked about things like being friends with Otis since 2010 and more.

During the interview, he also talked about how he has watched Daniel Bryan wrestle since 2002 and Gable said that competing against the former world champion is a dream match for him.

“That’s a dream of mine. That’s the dream match of mine, I haven’t gotten to the point yet in WWE where I’ve had a chance at singles championships. I want stakes to be there when I finally get that chance to wrestle Daniel.

I want something to be at stake. I want a championship to be at stake.” said Chad Gable, “I want time and to make this a technical classic. If we get that chance, I, without a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to be a legendary classic that you look back on.”

The former NXT star mentioned how many people have talked about this match and he claimed it will live up to the expectations when it finally happens because he will make sure of it.

Apart from this, Chad Gable also provided some interesting update on his former partner Jason Jordan and revealed that Jordan is actually working towards an in ring return. You can check out his comments on the matter at this link.

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