Britt Baker: “Everything Cody Gets Involved In Turns Into The Cody Rhodes Project!”

AEW Women’s division star Dr Britt Baker recently appeared on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast. The pro wrestler/dentist talked a number of topics whilst on the show, including her Waiting Room segments.

The Waiting Room was originally only used as a segment on AEW Dark, but this past week was the first time it was brought to AEW Dynamite. The segment featured Cody Rhodes and Jade Cargill, furthering the storyline involving the aforementioned pair, Shaq and Brandi Rhodes.

Baker would discuss how Cody Rhodes was influential in bringing the concept to life, and how he’s now ‘hands off’ with it.

Britt Baker on The Waiting Room

“When we first started, I obviously met with Cody [Rhodes] and Tony [Khan] to make sure we had the the vision down, that we’re on the same page with what we wanted to do” Baker began on the Sunday Night’s Main Event show.

Britt Baker then described how the segment is used to help get ‘other storylines over.’ The Waiting Room has a Barber Shop or Piper’s Pit vibe, with a full set created to backdrop the action. “Essentially, it’s just a great platform to get other storylines over, to get people who maybe don’t get to talk as much.”

“[It was for] people who don’t get to talk as much on Dynamite or Dark” Baker continued. “Give them the mic let’s, you know, see what they can do.” Baker then finished by saying how as the segment has progressed Cody Rhodes has had less and less involvement in it. “Cody, as of now? Has very little to no involvement in it. Because once Cody Rhodes gets involved, it turns into Cody Rhodes project! And I’m sick of that (laughs)! So, now? It’s my baby.”

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