Brian Johnson to Receive ROH TV Championship Match

Brian Johnson is set to receive a ROH TV Championship match, thanks to fan voting. It was announced in Kevin Ecks’ latest blog that Johnson will face Dragon Lee for the championship after the ROH The Experience Facebook group voted him as the choice. The match will be shown exclusively on The Experience’s Facebook page.

The announcement reads:

“The Mecca” Brian Johnson is always ranting about not getting the opportunities he deserves and how all fans are bozos. As he loves to say, it’s Mecca versus everybody.

Well, Johnson is getting a great opportunity and he has the “bozos” to thank for it. It’s going to be “Mecca” versus Dragon Lee for the ROH World Television Championship.

Johnson won a poll on the ROH The Experience Facebook page to determine who among the six competitors listed should get a shot at Lee’s title.

The match will be shown exclusively on the ROH The Experience Facebook page at a date to be announced.

In other news regarding Johnson, a rematch from Final Battle between him and Danhausen has been signed and will take place in the near future.

Danhausen defeated Johnson by disqualification in a match Danhausen had to win in order for his ROH contract to go into effect.

Danhausen used some chicanery to score the victory, and Johnson has been fuming about it ever since. Johnson complains and yells about everything, but in this particular instance he actually has a valid gripe.

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