Braun Strowman Reveals He’s Out of Action Due to an Infection in His Bloodstream

– WWE Superstar Braun Strowman recently made a return to TV late last month after being indefinitely suspended onscreen and reportedly dealing with a knee injury offscreen. He also competed in the Royal Rumble on January 31, but he’s also been off TV since that time. Strowman then shared an Instagram Story post this week why he’s recently been out of action.

The former WWE Universal champion revealed that he is suffering from an infection in his blood system, he’s currently dealing with it with antibiotics (via Ryan Satin on Twitter). You can view a clip of Braun Strowman discussing his illness below. He stated the following:

“Yo, so a little update. I’ve been gone off here for a bit. I got really sick over the weekend, and I got an infection that got into my blood system and had to get put on antibiotics for that. It was awful. I dropped like 15 pounds in five days. Couldn’t eat and stuff like that. It looks like I had fifty pounds of water weight, all my joints and everything are all swollen and inflamed. But the antibiotics are working, I’m feeling better, we’re gonna nip this thing in the bud, get back to training, put that mask back on, and I’ll be back to seeing you guys very soon.”

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