Braun Strowman Announces He’s Dealing With Bloodstream Infection

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman reveals he’s been dealing with a scary medical episode over the past week.

The 6-foot-8 montser posted some videos on his Instagram story detailing the situation.

Strowman says he got “really sick” over the weekend. He developed some sort of infection that entered his blood stream, which can be very dangerous. He’s been taking antibiotics, but admits, “it’s been awful.”

He has dropped about 15 pounds this week, but feels like he’s gained 50 pounds of water weight. He complained about his joints being swollen and is itching to get back to training.

Thankfully, doctors have told him the antibiotics are working and he is feeling a little better.

Strowman just returned to WWE television in late January after being out since November due to a leg injury.

SEScoops wishes Braun Strowman a speedy recovery.

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