Brandi Rhodes Explains Why AEW Heels Has a Price Point

Brandi Rhodes took to Twitter to shoot down a falsehood about the AEW Heels fan commmunity and explain why there it has a price point. The AEW Chief Brand Officer took to Twitter to promote the community and counteract misinformation, noting that membership is $50 a year and not $50 a month.

When a fan asked why there’s a charge and said it’s “why people hate, ridiculous there even ANY fee,” Rhodes replied:

“It’s not free to run an online community. There are hefty monthly fees to run it, moderate it, and host it. All questions that were answered in the beginning. Fan clubs have yearly fees for this reason. All of them.”

Membership in the community for female AEW fans comes with Zoom sessions, talent Q&As, giveaways, and more.

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