Botched!: Roman Reigns’s Handcuffs, Carmella’s Dive, More

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! Hope y’all are having easier drives home from work than I have been lately. I used to love this type of snow when I was a kid and the only transportation I used in the weather was a sled. Some of the landings I had on trips down hills would probably qualify for this column. I don’t have footage of them, so here’s some wrestling stuff instead!

1. Carmella’s Dive

Carmella received another shot at Sasha Banks’ Smackdown Women’s Championship. It had the same result her first shot did, but she came a little closer to certain doom on this occasion. Carmella’s sommelier Reginald had just been ejected from ringside for getting his ass kicked by Sasha, and Carmella took advantage of the distraction by diving onto Sasha. Unfortunately, she came down at a bad angle.

Scary moment, and the match didn’t go on much longer afterward. Could have been a lot worse though.

2. You’d think Paul would be more experienced at working with handcuffs

The Universal Championship Last Man Standing match got a lot of flack from viewers. I thought that Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens put on a pretty good show for most of the match. However, the ending pretty much killed the thing. Reigns had been handcuffed to a lighting rig, and Paul Heyman was trying to get him unhooked.

Apparently Reigns managing to squat was enough to break the count. Poor Owens had to keep selling forever, and the second referee had to break his count for no apparent reason. It just goes to show that handcuffs are a little trickier than one might think.

3. Wait for it…

This one takes a minute (actually over a minute) to set up, but the payoff is worth it.

The award-winning ThunderDrone, ladies & gentlemen.

4. Charlotte gets tired of waiting

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans aren’t the best opponents for each other. Lacey’s not the best in-ring competitor out there, and Charlotte isn’t so great at improvising. It’s pretty obvious when she loses patience wth somebody, like she did with Evans in their most recent encounter.

Lacey wasn’t sure what to do next, and Charlotte wasn’t happy about it. Made for some pretty awkward in-ring action!

5. Face meets mat

AEW Dark saw a meeting between two tag teams trying to work their way up the ladder. Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi got the win heading into a big match the next night, while Charlie Bravo got a face full of canvas.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

Oh, and even if it’s not technically a botch, I can’t leave you without enjoying this clip…

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