Bobby Lashley Trolls Riddle Over Fight Pit Request For US Title Match

Bobby Lashley has heard Riddle’s request that their US Championship match take place in the NXT Fight Pit, and he had a pithy response. As noted earlier, Riddle tweeted Triple H asking who he needed to call “so I can beat [Lashley] in the Fight Pit for the US Title.” While Damian Priest already pointed out that the Fight Pit is an NXT-exclusive, Lashley had his own response. The US Champion shared an image of Timothy Thatcher putting Riddle down from when they faced off in the Fight Pit, writing:

“Why? You need another nap or something? #WWERaw”

No word as of yet when Riddle will get his US Championship shot. It probably won’t be in the Fight Pit though.

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