Bobby Lashley Thinks Keith Lee Should Join The Hurt Business

In an interview with TV Insider, Bobby Lashley spoke about his WWE faction the Hurt Business and revealed he thinks that Keith Lee should join. Here are highlights:

On if he sees himself in Keith Lee: “Now that you say that, I kind of do. When I first came in, I was a major player. Then I hovered. At certain times I faced John Cena, Booker T. and JBL [John Bradshaw Layfield], but I never broke through to get that world title. Keith has earned respect from a lot of people. He has been going out there and doing everything he has to do. I think he’s the kind of person who might need a little Hurt Business in his life to take him to that next level. He is ready to breakout, as are others.”

On people of color getting time to shine in WWE: “With wrestling, there’s someone for everyone. If you’re a young Black kid, you have a lot of people to look up to right now. I’m not saying you can’t look up to someone of a different color, but you can say, “OK, I can see myself in him a little bit more.” That’s across the board. My family’s multicultural. At the same time, I hope to be a positive role model for Black kids who are watching me.”

On Wrestlemania having fans: “I just had a treadmill put in my damn dining room. I’m training like Rocky. I’m working with a strength and conditioning coach. Some people take it as another event, but it’s bigger than that. On top of that, we haven’t had live events for so long, so we haven’t had those reps in front of fans. That means you have to do a little more training. Everyone is going to want to put on the best show they can. It’s WrestleMania season. It’s exciting.”

On who he would sign from MMA to WWE: “Josh Barnett for sure. He has that Hurt Business style. King Mo has been doing some wrestling things. He would do well. [Daniel] Cormier has expressed a lot of interest. I’d like to see him make that jump.”

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