Big E On WWE Prioritizing Part-Time Stars For WrestleMania

WWE has been heavily criticised in the recent times for putting part timers in the main event spot for big shows including WrestleMania while ignoring the full time stars people want to see getting a push such as Big E.

The former New Day member recently appeared on Busted Open Radio where he discussed a number of things and also talked about WWE‘s booking decisions for their marquee shows.

Big E was speaking about his recent transition to singles competition and people’s high expectations for him. He opened up about how the management prioritizes ‘big money guys’ while booking shows such as WrestleMania.

Big E on Part-Time Stars

“You also know how it is man, they’re going to go through a list of part-timers, the big names the big money guys who work once a year, and they’re gonna go through that list and if they if they can’t get all those guys booked for that Roman spot for WrestleMania.

Then it’s kind of like now, who do we look to that works here on a weekly basis,” said Big E, “Who’s actually been grinding. And now maybe we give them an opportunity.” Apart from this, the IC Champion also discussed how it does not make sense for NXT call-ups to be given title shot right after their main roster debut.

Big E went on to explain how losing to Sheamus was the best thing that happened to Daniel Bryan as it made people realise his potential.

Many other WWE Superstars have spoken about part-time legends taking top spots:

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