Big E On What He Learned From Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title Run, His Dream Match For WrestleMania 37

In a recent interview on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Big E discussed The New Day’s reaction to his singles push, what he learned from Kofi Kingston’s WWE title run, his dream match for WrestleMania 37, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Big E on The New Day’s reaction to his singles push: “They’ve always been supportive, and I always appreciate that. Woods was out at the time when we first did the singles stuff, but Kofi was there and soon as we heard together, he was so genuinely happy for me and excited about whatever would come. I can’t imagine being in a group with two more selfless people, and that’s what I’ve always appreciated. It can be easy in this business to be selfish and just worry about your own push, but I love the fact that we’re so genuinely supportive of each other in our projects, whether it be in WWE or outside the company or whatever it is. They were there for me, and I appreciate that.

Big E on what he learned from Kofi Kingston’s WWE title run: “I think one of the things I really respected was that there were so many times where he could’ve made it about himself, and he was still always trying to include the three of us. It was his moment, honestly. We were fortunate enough to be along for the ride. I’m glad we got to do the storyline with the tag team gauntlet match where we got to get Kofi into it. The reaction to that was really cool too. In wrestling, it’s always about which faction member is going to screw the other. It was cool because we never do real moments of brotherhood and sacrificing for the other. Just seeing how hard he worked in and out of the ring – he was on everything, always doing media. Seeing him doing it with a smile on his face and never complain, that’s something I’ll always remember. I think the night he won the title, he never slept at all. Not because he was out partying but because he was up, and by the time he got done with everything, he went back to the room and they had him do some morning show. We’re on SmackDown, and they called him into RAW. He was constantly going. You never see him shaken or upset.

On his dream match for WrestleMania 37: “Roman is clearly – when you look at the WWE pecking order – he’s at the very top. Having that match is the biggest moment. I hope we’re at a point in another month or two where I feel like I’m established enough and hot enough where it makes sense. In the same vein, I have no idea what the plan is. I also want this to feel earned. I think sometimes you can get too much too soon. That’s also weird to say for someone that’s been around for eight years. I don’t feel I just came up and they handed me this opportunity. But obviously, gun to my head, it’s a match with Roman for the title.

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