Big E Discusses His Favorite Moment With Vince McMahon In WWE, Vince’s Hardcore Workout Regimen

In a recent interview on Hollywood Raw, Big E discussed his favorite Vince McMahon moment, Vince’s early-morning workouts, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Big E on his favorite moment with Vince McMahon in WWE: “They wanted to give us entrance music and they gave us this real dusty, old-timey church stuff that sounded like it was recorded in the 1920s. I said, ‘We cannot come out to this.’ We thought, if they want gospel, we remember Kirk Franklin and that’s because it was energetic, so that was our example. We gave them the example, and we went to Vince’s office after a show to have him listen to the music. He had these big speakers in his office and it was a bunch of writers and us. We’re all in a circle just sitting there. They put the music on, and this is an important meeting for us. We’re all seriously hoping he likes the music.

“He plays the music, and it’s way too loud, but he’s playing it. We’re all pretty serious and trying to vibe along, but we’re looking at him to see how he’s responding. I remember him tapping his foot, like this grimace of pleasure in almost a cartoonish way. I thought it was a joke. I thought he was being funny and we were laughing, but I look over, and realize everyone was deadly serious. He’s still dancing to himself and tapping his foot. I’m biting my lower lip because it’s hilarious, but no one else is laughing and I can tell it’s a serious moment. I’m almost to the point of biting my lip and bleeding, that’s how hard I’m biting my lip. His love for the southern gospel tradition and the black church isn’t something you’d expect, but he really does. Seeing him going to town, tapping his foot, and shrugging his shoulders while listening to our music.”

On Vince’s hardcore workout regimen: “He has a personal trainer, and this poor guy, we have these long drives – obviously pre-pandemic. We’ll get in around two or sometimes three in the morning, and his personal trainer has been standing outside the whole time waiting for him because he’ll come in and work out after shows and after these long drives at like 3 AM. This man is not in his 20s, he’s in his 70s. He is working out hard. He’s a meathead in a way and lifting heavy. It’s crazy.

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